Our eSOC, member of FIRST

November 17, 2017

On November 15, Ingenia's Security Operations Center (eSOC) was accepted as a member of the global organization FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams). This makes it one of the 18 centres in Spain that have managed to form part of this entity.

Our eSOC, member of FIRST

What is FIRST?

FIRST is a world-class organization and a leader in security incident response.

It is an international confederation of what is known as CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Team), i.e., trusted teams that respond and handle security incidents cooperatively, and promote prevention programs.

Proud and grateful to be members of FIRST

Our eSOC, as a member of FIRST, participates in the development and exchange of technical information, tools, methodologies, processes and best practices.

FIRST also encourages and promotes the development of quality assurance products, policies and services. Develops and promulgates best practices in computer security. Promotes the creation and expansion of incident response teams and members of organizations around the world.

FIRST members use their knowledge, skills and experience to promote an increasingly secure global electronic environment. In addition, incident response teams react more effectively to security incidents by having access to best practices, tools and trusted communication with member teams.

What conditions must a CSIRT meet to be admitted to the FIRST?

The FIRST subjects candidates for membership to a verification procedure to ensure that they have adequate means and comply with best safety practices.

Our eSOC, member of FIRST
eSOC Ingenia

Which organisms belong to the FIRST?

Worldwide there are only 396 response teams that are members of FIRST, of which in Spain there are 18 who have become members of this organization, after exceeding the necessary quality standards.

In Andalusia, Ingenia’s eSOC is the first to join this prestigious association. From Ingenia’s eSOC (distributed between Malaga, Seville and Santiago de Chile) the security of our clients in Spain and Latin America is monitored in 24x7x365 mode.

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