La compañía

Mission and vision

Misión y visión

For some years now, technological development has provided companies with digital devices and tools with which to improve their competitiveness. However, the current context, where technology is firmly established in society, it is necessary to know the meaning, the opportunities and threats posed by the digital world and to adapt to them.

Ingenia is a technological company with two decades of experience in the ICT sector; years in which the company developed its commitment to technology focused on people and teamwork, as well as its social commitment and responsibility.

Specialized in Internet and new media, Ingenia’s mission is to offer technological solutions, as a means to satisfy communicative and productive needs between people, entities and/or devices; this is the raison d'être of the organization, which defines its business project.

In addition, its aspiration and vision is to contribute to overcoming technological barriers for progress in the production system, with a global company approach, and thus contribute to a better future for people.