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Ingenia is synonymous with technology, innovation, experience and results. It is a consolidated and reliable company, with well-earned prestige, which throughout the years has developed solutions in in information systems, communications and Internet on an international level. Ingenia has always strived for excellence in service, and this is done by listening to our clients, using teamwork and mutual trust.

Integrity, compliance with legislation and regulations, corporate values and a commitment to sustainable development are important factors for Ingenia when making decisions and carrying out actions.

In this general framework, and with the aim of establishing internal rules of conduct to promote ethical behaviour in the company’s workforce and prevent corruption, the Ingenia group has a code of ethics and business conduct that the entire workforce is aware of.

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The latest reforms of the Spanish Penal code included article 31bis in which, for certain criminal offences, “legal persons will be fully responsible for crimes committed in the name of or on behalf of them, and in their benefit, by their legal representatives and administrators in fact or law”.

In Ingenia, we are aware of the importance of transparency, crime detection and prevention, thus, in accordance with the new legal framework, we have placed a channel at the disposal of the entire workforce, through which they can report on any irregular situation or behaviour that could give rise to criminal actions, either directly or indirectly, preserving the anonymity and confidentiality of the informant.

In this manner, we strive to involve all the company’s professionals in crime prevention, as well as underlining our opposition to the commitment of any of these actions.

Finally, Ingenia’s code of ethics and business conduct establishes a framework to encourage ethics in all actions and combat corruption in any form.